At Codeaters we design and build websites that you'll be proud to show your customers. We know from our extensive website design experience that sometimes the ‘look' is everything for the client and sometimes robust, trustworthy web processes are the key. And sometimes it's both.

eCommerce website

Consumers love the web. They want to buy, they want to sell and they want to make every kind of transaction from the comfort of their keyboard. To cope with the online demand you need a dedicated eCommerce solution. Consumers have to feel secure, they have to find the process easy and slick and they have to be treated by your website like the precious customers that they are.

Web / IT support

IT is at the heart of everything these days so any problems or difficulties can mean your business grinds to a halt.

Fast, reliable support is vital to any company that relies on technology – and that covers just about everyone. At Codeaters we can take care of your internet presence and provide the expert support you need to keep your whole IT infrastructure healthy.

CRM database design

If your website needs to do anything serious it’ll need to be linked to a database. Storing, searching and retrieving data is a core requirement of many systems, from restaurant table booking to product availability searches.


The mobile apps revolution is here and here to stay but are you ready? Codeaters provide mobile app development solutions for your business. We deliver multi platform mobile app solutions i.e iOS iPhone & iPad, Android.